Privacy Policy

To facilitate the successful delivery of therapy, I keep on paper:

• Client names
• Contact details
• GP details
• Medical conditions, prescribed medication relevant to counselling
• Session notes
• My appointment diary
• Letters & invoices

This data is stored in a secure cabinet with a combination lock for a period of 5 years in compliance with guidelines from Holistic Services Insurance. To further ensure the privacy and anonymity of my clients, session notes are recorded using client initials rather than full names. No data is passed on to third parties other than under the following circumstances:

a) I am required to do so by law.

b) In the event that I become unexpectedly incapacitated or even die, my Clinical Supervisor has permission to access the contact details of my current clients in order to inform them of my circumstances.

I keep electronically:

• Clients names
• Clients contact details
• Letters & invoices

This data is stored for a period of one month after I have finished working with you before it is erased.