I didn’t really know what to expect from counselling and I certainly didn’t know what to say.  Through the sessions Elaine really helped me with my circumstances by considering the positives from a very bad situation and I now have a better way to cope day to day.  I am aware that some of my issues are no different to everybody’s daily struggle, but some are specific to me and I feel that I have now gained some useful tools to improve my day to day life and help with family and friends for a better quality life.

Anonymous Counselling ClientWaltham Cross

I was seeking help,someone who could guide me on my personal problems. I was very sad and unable to make the right decisions, very confused and lonely.  My first impression of Elaine was peace, tranquility and a good vibe.
Talking about my painful feelings wasn’t easy but Elaine made it easier. I thought I will get advice from her, but instead she guided me and gave me the tools to find my way to find solutions to my problems. She was very patient and listened with empathy .  Counselling helped me feel more confident and get my identity back. I know life is not easy but I’m learning to love myself everyday”  “Thank you Elaine for your support”.

DY, Anonymous Counselling Client St. Albans

Elaine is very professional and at the same time a lovely person who is easy to establish a trusting relationship with.  I found she listened and understood, guided you to think through things yourself and come up with your own solutions.  Not pushy or judgemental, just offering direction which makes you feel things are manageable.  Elaine is very knowledgeable about many topics and seemed to understand issues very quickly.  She also had a good sense of humour when needed!.

JH, Anonymous Counselling ClientSt. Albans

Elaine possesses a unique calmness and professionalism that always made me feel safe and relaxed. Within each session I sensed trust, empathy and cohesion. I never felt judged, I felt valued. I highly recommend Elaine as a dynamic Person Centred Counsellor who supported me in changing my life’s perspective.


K. HipgraveCounsellor in Private Practice

My name is J***** and I am an Alcoholic.  Elaine helped me change my thoughts to positive by changing the way I think.  Counselling helped me offload all my fears and feelings and supported me through a difficult time in my life, particularly in early recovery.  She helped me through anxiety and panic attacks before it reached its peak by using techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises.  We explored the benefits of keeping sober and dealing with difficult situations such as my families insecurities and trusting me again.  Accepting the things I cannot change and a realisation that recovery takes time.  Overall I have benefited so much and engaging in counselling has helped me in my road to recovery.

JB, Anonymous Counselling ClientWaltham Cross